Natalie Lazaroo

Wi3W – Ep. 24 – Natalie Lazaroo, born a Kristang, navigating life in Australia – speaks with Greg

Natalie Lazaroo is a Kristang (creole ethnic group of mixed Portuguese and Malaccan descent) woman originally from Singapore, where growing up Kristang was a constant negotiation of identity, culture, and place, especially as an ethnic minority group. She moved to Brisbane, Australia, in 2009 to pursue higher education and ended up staying on as a Permanent Resident. “Home” is an interesting and slippery term for her, often feeling a sense of it in both and neither.

Natalie works as a Lecturer in Education at Griffith University, where her teaching areas are in Drama, the Arts, and English. Her research focus is in the area of socially-engaged performance more broadly, as well as in cultural citizenship and public pedagogy.

Youtube piece about Natalie Lazaroo

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