Who are we as Australians?

Let’s explore our stories together. Share where we’ve come from, who we are and where we are all going together into the future.

Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast is an exciting intercultural change making space with stories inclusive of Australian First Nations people (Indigenous), multicultural (new migrants) and the early migrants (colonists and convict descendants). 

We are a healing and unification podcast that will educate, entertain, inspire and encourage a deeper respect for each other now choosing this country as our home. We all need to have deeper understanding about the history of the First Peoples of this land, their stories, our stories, their cultural practices, colonisation, frontier wars and coming together for shared truth-telling for those who now choose to call this unceded land, Australia, home.

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Noel Pearson

“Australia is a ‘three-story nation’, comprising:
* the oldest living culture in the world, written into our landscape and heritage;
* a British system of law and governance, institutions and traditions;
*and a rich multicultural mix of people and cultures from all over the world.”

~ Noel Pearson, First Nations Activist & Lawyer

Taitu’uga Kitch Wesche

“It is time for us to heal, walk in these 3 worlds, have healthy intercultural conversations and embrace Australia as an inclusive, peaceful, cohesive and antiracist society.”

~ Taitu’uga Kitch, Samoan Talking High Chief, Artist, Actor and EDM Musician.

Latest Episode of Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast

Natalie Lazaroo
Podcast | Walk in 3 Worlds

Wi3W – Ep. 24 – Natalie Lazaroo, born a Kristang, navigating life in Australia – speaks with Greg

Natalie Lazaroo is a Kristang (creole ethnic group of mixed Portuguese and Malaccan descent) woman originally from Singapore, where growing up Kristang was a constant negotiation of identity, culture, and place, especially as an ethnic minority group.

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