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We wanted to “Come Together” as culturally diverse human beings (Homo Sapiens) to explore Australian true histories, stories, cultures and more through conversations with a range of “Australians” and ask – “What does it mean to be Australian?” “Who are we?” “Where are we all heading?” “Where have we all journeyed from so far to be part of the jigsaw puzzle that is now Australia in the 21st Century?“.

Coming Together Project is proud to host the Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast series, featuring three (3) culturally diverse ‘world’ backgrounds sharing true Australian Stories about our past, present and future, and to bring us together as one Australia.

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‘Walk in 3 Worlds’ idea started its life as a poem. Written by Greg Dodge, sixth generation convict descendant in 2019, about the life journey observation and stories of Kitch Wesche to Taitu’uga. He was initiated into his Samoan village Matai as a Talking High Chief in 2019. Kitch became Taitu’uga named after his grandfather.

Kitch and Greg met in 2006, through music, and then together (and separately) developed and ran many diverse community and creative projects.

Working together on an innovative two year project (2017-2019), “Empowering Youth To Thrive”, Greg and Kitch then met Yarraka Bayles and her family. Yarraka is an Aboriginal woman with a strong education focus.

We bring together a podcast reflecting on the 3 worlds we all live in, or have to navigate daily. The First Nations, the new and older migrants. Two examples of the 3 worlds, Taitu’uga lives in Australia as a Samoan, his partner (and 3 children) are First Nations and Australian. Taitu’uga is also Samoan, German and Chinese in his heritage. Many Australians have various diverse cultural backgrounds and we must deeply respect our individual cultural heritage, and where possible, to re-learn our own language and culture(s) and be able to express this in an open, honest and authentic Aussie way.

Yarraka Bayles

Yarraka descends from the Wonnarua and Bundjalung nations of NSW on her mother’s side and the Birri Gubba and Gungalu nations of QLD on her fathers side.

She was born on Gadigal country in Sydney and grew up in Redfern in the 80’s then moved to Brisbane in the early 90’s where she now resides with her 3 children and granddaughter who were all born on Yuggera country in South Brisbane. Yarraka has over 20 years experience working in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations throughout NSW and QLD and has won awards for her art and media achievements.

With an immense passion for education, Yarraka enjoys working with children and imparting knowledge on to the next generation, having worked for Brisbane Catholic Education and delivering cultural workshops at numerous schools and childcare centres around South East Queensland. As a passionate advocate for justice and self determination, Yarraka has facilitated several workshops and presented at numerous conferences and events across the country, dedicating her life’s work to improving the quality of life for First Nations people by learning from her elders and sharing her knowledge and experiences to help raise more awareness about issues affecting First Nations People on a global scale.

Yarraka is also the Founder/Owner of Murri Menu, Director of Deadly Futures Aboriginal Corporation, a Facilitator with Blackcard Cultural Tours, a mother of three children, a grandmother and a Kin Carer.

Taitu’uga Kitch Wesche

Over the past 17 years, KITCH has performed in the music, arts and entertainment industry across Australia, Asia and Canada.

For the past nine years he has also mentored Australian First Nations and Polynesian youth in rural and regional areas of Queensland, developing their music skills, culture, identity and sense of well-being within the community.

Strong in his Samoan culture and language, Taitu’uga is now a Talking High Chief (Tulafale alii) for his village, Sapunaoa falealili in Samoa, whilst living in Brisbane where he weaves cultural stories, neuroscience, mythological story telling whilst also exploring a fresh fusion of electronic dance music (EDM), hip hop, reggae, beatbox loop machine and traditional instruments in his shows across Australia.

Taitu’uga is a proud father of three children and a man who now Walks in 3 Worlds with authenticity and ease.

Greg Dodge
Greg Dodge

Greg Dodge, poet, philosopher, story teller, musician and entrepreneur is a sixth generation convict descendant from 1789.

Born and raised in Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), he developed a love of Queensland, after touring as a musician with a music group in the late ‘70’s. Working in the music business since the early ‘80’s, he founded Music Worx (1989 – 1995) and was the co-founder of QMusic (QMA’s and Bigsound) and Oxygen 42 Consulting Pty Ltd, a creative producer of community and business events.

Leading and producing many community and business initiatives in the creative music sector, Greg has recently turned his attention to sharing stories about Australia’s true history and his convict past and is building bridges along with connecting conversations to unify, heal and empower people to choose a better collective future for our children and grandchildren.

Greg is a proud parent of three grown adults and a granddaughter.