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We are all Homo Sapiens

“I’m proud to be a living, breathing human by birth,

Birthed on this little blue dot, aptly named Earth1

I am what I am, no excuses or shame,

We are all born into this world by our mothers, 

With no one to blame.

It’s through our collective future we have to decide,

To stop this pressure to have us continue this divide,

Divide & Conquer2 is an ancient strategy,

To bring conflict into our world, this is a genuine tragedy.

Tragedy & Hope3 is a book by Professor Carroll Quigley4

Showing us clearly how the powerful act with malignly,

We often speculate who we think are the Plutocrat5

It’s their hierarchical6nature, when it’s known the circle
7is the right format.

We are all Homo Sapiens8we’re all the same blood

No matter your story, we’re all linked by the flood9

We have to use our deepest wisdom to not to see “the other”10

We have all arrived through the womb of our mother.11

Another way we are divided is through our politic12

We may believe in the left or the right,13be careful it’s a clever trick

A trick that drives to divide us, like the colour of one’s skin

It’s only a surface pigment,14we are all the same blood and bone, within.

Within each of us we have the wisdom15to turn our lot around

With deep respect, understanding and relationships, bring us closer to the ground,

The ground we all share is our earth mothers body & soul

We need to mend our broken friendships16– this is our number one goal.

We are all Homo Sapiens we’re all the same blood,

No matter your story, we’re all linked by the flood,

We have to use our deepest wisdom to not to see ‘the other’,

We have all arrived through the womb of our mother.“

~ Greg Dodge © 2021

Listen or view this poem here – written and spoken by Greg Dodge


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