Wi3W Ep 8 – Greg interviews Peter Forday, a true Aussie as an ABC (Australian Born Chinese)

Peter Forday is a proud Aussie. He is a facilitator and performance coach whose clients are most commonly looking for better ways to engage, develop and inspire others.

Peter Forday
Peter Forday

He is known for his experience, networks, authenticity and expertise in helping clients focus on what matters. He is Non Director Executive and Chair of Multicultural Australia (Formerly MDA), Queensland Mental Health Consumer Representative Peak, Mercy Community, Welcome Sports Ltd, Chair of Police Ethnic Advisory Group (Queensland Police Service), and previous CEO of MultiLink Community Services Inc and Yalari. Peter is an active leader and inspiration throughout the South East Q’ld community. Greg and Peter discuss his life growing up in Rockhampton, Queensland as a third generation Australian Born Chinese boy to man and so much more.

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  1. Great casual and insightful chat with two beautiful and authentic Aussie souls. Great to hear your intercultural ‘story’ Peter. I feel blessed that I shared many great time and memories with you both. Congratulations and keep up the great work Greg 👏

  2. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for commenting on our new podcast and love it that you enjoyed this one with Peter. He is such a great man – as are you TC .. – G D

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