exploring cultural identity newspaper article

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exploring cultural identity newspaper article
Walk in 3 Worlds Article – 1st Dec 2021

A POWERFUL new podcast is exploring what it means to be Australian.

The brainchild of Newport resident, Q Music founder and sixth generation convict descendent Greg Dodge, Walk in 3 Worlds shares stories about the nation’s past present and future.

Joining Dodge behind the microphone are Yaraka Bayles, descended from the Wonnarau and Bandjalung nations of NSW and the Birri Gubba and Gungalu nations of Queensland on her father’s side, and Samoan Talking High Cheif Taitu’uga Kitch Wesche.

Walk in 3 Worlds captures three facets of Australia – First Nations people; and new and older migrants – and explores notions of cultural identity.

The first podcast was with Alan Parsons, a Caboolture man with brittle bone syndrome who was adopted and did not learn he was Aboriginal until he was in his 30s.

Dodge said the knowledge gave Mr Parsons his identity and the opportunity to connect with his culture, and he is now a respected elder within the community.

Among other guests have been Nick Brodie, author of The Vandemonian War, which discusses the British mistreatment of Tasmania’s First Nations people in the early 1800s, Multicultural Australia chair and Australian-born Chinese man Peter Forday and Brisbane-born Torres Strait Island entrepreneur Stephen Mam.

“We share stories of the people who are Australian, no matter what diverse background they are from,” Dodge explained.

Fascinated by his own family history – his great-great-grandmother gave birth at the age of 19 aboard the Lady Julian dubbed “the Floating Brothel”, which arrived in Australia between the first and second fleets – Dodge pondered the cultures that contribute to the nations identity.

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