Songify your day- Community Intercultural songwriting week @ Caboolture

Songify Your Day

Group of people rehearsing outside. One man is playing guitar. The people are laughing.

This singing and song-writing pilot project provided an exciting opportunity for 2 local musicians,
Greg Dodge and Mira Chorik, to support and collaborate with Council’s Community Development
team, The University of Queensland School of Music, and the Community Action for a Multicultural
Society (CAMS) program. Delivered in April, the project aims to better understand the needs and
benefits associated with creative programming for people from culturally and linguistically diverse
(CALD) backgrounds in the Moreton Bay region.

This pilot program was held in April 2022 and consisted of four singing and song-writing workshops, including participatory research, with 25 people from Intercultural backgrounds. The participants expressed their stories and culture through music and songs in their native languages and English and finished with an exciting live performance for the community that showcased 13 songs and represented 13 countries.

Staff and researchers from UQ facilitated the workshops. The CAMS program and Council’s Community Development team supported the participants. Council recruited two local musicians via an expression of interest to assist with the workshops and performance by singing and playing instruments with the participants. Songify Your Day was an exciting chance for local musicians to collaborate with other artists, The University of Queensland School of Music, and the community.

Songify Your Day – Workshop Highlights
Songify Your Day – Evening performances

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