Wi3W – Ep. 17 – Aunty Betty McGrady speaks with Greg Dodge about her life.

Aunty Betty McGrady is a Gungarri Traditional Custodian. The traditional tribal lands of the Gunggari stretched over some 8,200 square miles (21,000 km2), taking in the Upper Nebine and Mungallala creeks from Bonna Vonna and Ballon north to Morven and Mungallala (near Mitchell, Queensland).

Being raised on the river banks and then moving to Brisbane in 1966, Aunty Betty raised seven children and worked in various roles within government. Many years later she ended up with her University Degree in Community Services and is passionate about Aboriginal culture, the land and social justice for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

She is currently the Secretary of the Queensland Multicultural Council and many more organisations. Aunty Betty is an active member of the Logan City and Brisbane communities with a depth of wisdom that she loves to share.

This interview with Greg Dodge touches on her growing up and the journey she has gone through over her lifetime.

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  1. PLEASE FORWARD TO Aunty Betty McGrady,
    I met you at Beelarong Community Farm some years ago. Do you know of any of your mob who may be interested in grants $5,000-$50,000 closing 16/2/23.

    AND what about getting involved on Oxley Creek Common? Below just may give some an idea of land and creek needing aboriginal involvement in Brisbane:-

    from Marion Forrest (ma*********@op******.au)

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