Marama Smith - Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast

Wi3W Ep 6 – Taitu’uga and Greg interview Maori Wisdom Keeper and Musician, Marama Smith

Coming Together Project presents ~ Walk in 3 Worlds ~ An interview with Marama Smith ~ co-hosted by Taitu’uga and Greg.

Marama Smith is a Maori singer-songwriter, musician, performer, rapper, mum, grandma and cultural story teller/keeper.

We are so honoured to interview Marama and hear about her journey as a Maussie (an Australian Maori).

In this episode, Marama is interviewed by Taitu’uga and Greg.

Our Podcast/vodcast is focussing on the intercultural diversity of Australia and how to guide us to a place of UNIFICATION and HEALING. We bring people together sharing the different perspectives through story telling and cultural awareness. We address stories from the past, present and future to build a better understanding and respect of who we are as Australians, sharing this great land, each of us calling it our home. The three Walk in 3 Worlds co-hosts, Yarraka Bayles, Taitu’uga Kitch Wesche and Greg Dodge are all change makers and will inspire others to become a small or large part of this new change movement.

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