To  “have a yarn” meaning to “have a chat” has been a part of Australian slang for a long time. Put very simply, Yarning is about building respectful relationships.

~ Greg Dodge

What is a Yarn Up, you ask?

“Let’s get in and have a good Yarn Up“, says Uncle Alan C. Parsons to us regularly.

We are looking for writers and creative people who can share a good yarn with each other. To “Yarn Up” is also a slang word used by our Australian First Nations people.

The use of a yarning circle (or dialogue circle) is an important process within Aboriginal culture and Torres Strait Islander culture. A yarning circle is somewhere stories and knowledge can be shared in a relaxed and comfortable place. The yarning circle has been used by Indigenous peoples from around the world for centuries to learn from a collective group, build respectful relationships, and to preserve and pass on cultural knowledge. The articles below are all focussed on stories, poems and a range of medium (film, stories etc) to help us build up our respect by having a Yarn Up with one another in a respectful Australian and Homo Sapien way. We would love your contribution in writing or poems that are about your experiences, thoughts and ideas to a Healing and Unification for all Australians. Use this as a free educational resource, or engage with us by yarning with your comments at the bottom of each article. If you would like to creative collaborate or contribute with a Yarn Up, please contact us here.