Wi3W Ep 1 – Greg interviews Uncle Alan C. Parsons ~ a man with unique abilities

Alan C. Parsons was born in Charleville and has traditional links to the Bidjira/Yiman people in Central Queensland. Alan is a recognised visual artist who was encouraged to explore his talents and discovered a strong cultural affinity to his artistic expression.

Alan was unaware of his Aboriginal heritage until he was in his thirties, and in 1987 he was able to find his family and country. He said it was so important to make “the connection” to be able to begin to understand his cultural identity and belonging. He also advocates for those with a “unique ability” and shares his First Nations wisdom to four year olds (Kindy) and recently an artist in residence at Woodfordia. Alan sees his involvement in disability services, reconnecting to his community, his culture and family as an opportunity to ‘push boundaries’, ‘encourage inclusion’, and to seek opportunities to promote integration around ‘cultural awareness’. We hope you enjoy our very first episode.

We would like to thank John Bosak from Audio Advantage for audio and Bruce Fogarty from Worx Studios @ West End.

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