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Podcast episodes are available on all of the major podcasting platforms. This page is an archive of all episodes and includes all forms of the content of each episode …all in one place.

Wi3W – Ep. 17 – Aunty Betty McGrady speaks with Greg Dodge about her life.

Aunty Betty McGrady is a Gungarri Traditional Custodian. The traditional tribal lands of the Gunggari stretched over some 8,200 square miles (21,000 km2), taking in the Upper Nebine and Mungallala creeks from Bonna Vonna and Ballon north to Morven and Mungallala (near Mitchell, Queensland). Being raised on the river banks and then moving to Brisbane…

Wi3W Ep. 16 – Samoko Okoth speaks with Greg Dodge about being human

Samoko Okoth is a Kenyan born cultural man and creative musician who has lived in Australia for many years. Samoko has travelled the globe with his music and cultural ambassadorship and he states clearly he is an earth human. Samoko was recently initiated into our First Nations community and is here to serve humanity.
Yarraka Interview

Wi3W Ep. 14 – Yarraka Bayles (co-host) shares her story

Yarraka Bayles is connected strongly to her culture, an inspirational person, very active in business, community circles and is also a co-host of Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast. Greg Dodge is pleased to interview Yarraka and hear a little bit more of her life journey. Yarraka descends from the Wonnarua and Bundjalung nations of NSW…